The Rooms

With open spaces and sophisticated design, from 25 to 44 m², the 23 rooms offer a gentle sense of calm. Spread over 4 floors to take wellness to new heights, they benefit from the almost magical light of beautiful winter days. Elegant with clean lines and light colours, the furniture draws on the warmth of the wood and the softness of the fabric to make your peace and quiet an endless experience. A large bed, soft chairs and exceptional bedding make mountain nights cosy cocoons, whilst in the bathroom the exceptional amenities and materials reflect the signature style of the K2 Collections hotels.

The Djola Duplex

Le K2 Djola really lets wellbeing spread its wings in its large duplex. Spread over two levels and 62 m², the Djola Duplex has a beautiful bedroom, two bathrooms, a terrace and a large lounge so you can share some unforgettable memories. A superb wooden oasis with a 6 metre bay window, similar to a cathedral of light, this sumptuous duplex is a cosy refuge offering absolute comfort.

Hotel & Services
Hotel & services